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Addison Gallery of Art
Andover, Massachusetts
A.D.A. Conversion of Bronze Doors

The Addison Gallery of Art was unique in a lot of ways due to the size and age of the doors.  One of the challenges we faced was the limited space available for the Handicapped Operators to be installed.  Through alot of engineering and fabrication we were able to achieve what the customer desired.  Another challenge was the glass that was original to the doors was only 1/4 plate and would collect moisture in the winter and frost up.  With some research and the assistance of the people at Film Specialties, we were able to correct the problem with a special anti-fog film.  We installed 3/8 tempered glass which was all the door would accommodate. 

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Addison Gallery of Art  A.D.A. Conversion

Addison Gallery of Art A.D.A. Conversion
Before any Modifications

Before any Modifications