Architectural Conservation, Historic Preservation

Index of Commercial Door Restoration Projects.

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Classic Bronze Doors
Historic Bronze Swing Doors

Two 1952 Bronze Revolving Doors
FOR SALE: Historical Bronze Revolving Doors

The Berkeley Building (the "old" John Hancock), Boston, Massachusetts
Nickel Revolving Door

One Post Office Square Handicapped Entrance, Boston, Massachusetts
Modification of Width of a Balanced Door for A.D.A. Compliance

Revolving Door Replacement Parts
Reconditioned Revolving Door Hanger Assemby.

Custom Fabricated Doorstops for Monumental Doors.

Flush Bolt Assemblies
Custom Fabricated Flush Bolt Assemblies

Hinges and Pivot Pins
Custom Fabrication of Hinges, Pivot Pins and Other Commercial Door Supports

Door Locks
Custom Fabricated Locks, Commercial Doors

Commercial Door Hardware
Custom Fabricated Elements for Commercial Doors.

Notre Dame Roman Catholic Church, Southbridge, Massachusetts
Repair and Restoration of four Bronze Entrance Doors

U.S. Capitol Rotunda Entrance-Columbus Doors, Washington D.C., District of Columbia
Repair and Realignment of Damaged Monumental Bronze Doors

Pennsylvania State Capitol, Finance Building Entrances, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Bronze Door and Pivoting Hardware Restoration

U.S. Capitol Senate Entrance Restoration, Washington D.C., District of Columbia
Restoration and Repairs to Bronze Doors, U.S. Capitol Senate Entrance

U.S. Capitol, House Entrance, Washington D.C., District of Columbia
U.S. Capitol, Monumental Bronze Entrance Door Restorations

40 Water Street, Boston, Massachusetts
Structural Steel Frame Repairs and Bronze Hardware Custom Fabrication

The Original John Hancock Tower, Boston, Massachusetts
Repair of a Period Commercial Entrance

John Hancock Stuart St. Tower, Boston, Massachusetts
Revolving and Balanced Doors, Address Operation Stack Pressure Issues.

75-101 Federal St., Boston, Massachusetts
Commercial Entrance Overhaul and Conversion

Door Cart
Door Cart, Dolly or Hand Truck for Transporting Heavy Doors or Slabs.

Addison Gallery of Art, Andover, Massachusetts
A.D.A. Conversion of Bronze Doors

National Gallery of Art, Washinton D.C., District of Columbia
National Gallery of Art A.D.A. Conversion

Temple Emanuel, Manhattan, New York
Historical Ornamental Bronze Pocket Door Restoration

Boston Public Library Main Entrances, Boston, Massachusetts
Complete Custom Pivot Hardware Restoration

Forsyth Dental Center Metal Restoration, Boston, Massachusetts
The Restoration of the Main Entrance Bronze Night Doors

Harvard University Office of the Dean, Havard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Custom A.D.A. Conversion of Wooden Doors

Pennsylvania Flag Cabinet Modification, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Custom Modification of the Pennsylvania Flag Cabinets

Historic Revolving Doors For Sale
FOR SALE: Two International Steel Bronze Revolving Doors, built in 1943.

60 Federal Street Historical Bronze Clad Van Kennel Revolving Door, Boston, Massachusetts
Complete Restoration of Van Kennel Revolving Door